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While both options download your program to your target hardware when you start to debug, downloading occurs based on different conditions and at different times.

Download to Flash

The Download to Flash option downloads your program to the target hardware when you either:

This option runs initialization script files before your target program downloads. This allows you to use debug commands that setup up your hardware before downloading your application.

Update Target Before Debugging

The Update Target Before Debugging option downloads your program to target hardware only when your project changes. This option does not run initialization script files until after your target program downloads.

Selecting Both Options

If both Download to Flash and Update Target Before Debugging options are selected, uVision:

  1. Downloads your target program,
  2. Executes the initialization script,
  3. Downloads your target program a second time (if a LOAD commmand is included in your initialization script),
  4. Downloads your target program a third time (if the Load Application at Startup option is set).

If program downloads appear to take a very long time, you should check these option settings.


Article last edited on: 2006-11-15 07:27:50

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