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I have misprogrammed the LPC2368/LPC2378 device on my MCB2300 Board. I know that I can make a device unusable when I program a wrong PLL value or miss-programmed the JTAG pins. When I try to connect, always get:

JTAG Communication Failure

Is there a way to recover the device?


First, check to see if you can erase the device using ULINK by reducing the Max JTAG Clock under Project — Options — Debug — ULINK Settings to 100KHz. With ULINK2 you may use Max JTAG Clock: RTCK which uses the RTCK line for automatic clock adjustment.

If this fails, you must use the IAP loader using FlashMagic and a serial COM cable.

  1. Download the current FlashMagic version from
  2. Connect a serial cable to COM0 of the MCB2300 Board.
  3. Start FlashMagic and select the correct COM parameters and the correct LPC23xx device.
  4. Under Options — Advanced Options... — Hardware Config enable Use DTR and RTS to control RST and P0.14. This enables automatic reset so you need not use any buttons on the MCB23xx board.
  5. Use FlashMagic menu command ISP — Erase Flash. Make sure that you select Erase all Flash+Code Rd Prot and click Erase. FlashMagic may display and message and ask you to click Yes to continue.



Article last edited on: 2007-03-27 11:15:41

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