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I have an algorithm that depends on the execution speed of integer division. I am using a device without an arithmetic unit. Therefore, I cannot use an algorithm that relies on an arithmetic unit.

The algorithm that I need to speed up has the following requirements:

I have investigated the algorithm provided in the C51 Compiler Run-Time Library. It appears to be quite clever. But, is there a way to speed it up even further?


Yes. When it is possible to constrain the values used in math operations (like division) so that they fall within a specific range, you can create an algorithm that is faster than the standard division algorithm. In addition, loops in the division algorithm can be unrolled to gain a little more speed (at the cost of wasting memory).

The attachment to this knowledgebase article presents two solutions to your problem:

  1. An optimized library function that improves execution speed of division by about 23%. This function works for all value ranges and may be used instead of the C51 Run-Time Library function. To use this function, just add the module UIDIV_F.A51 to your project.
  2. A dedicated function that improves execution speed of division by about 37%. This function is defined as follows:
    unsigned int divu12u8 (unsigned int v, unsigned char d);
    To use this function you must modify your application code so that it calls the divu12u8 function rather than the standard division operation (using the / operator). Note that this routine does not yield correct results when v exceeds the value 4095. Therefore, you must be certain that your values are within a specific range.

    To use this division routine add the module DIVU12U8.A51 to your application. Enable Register Coloring under Projects - Options for Target - C51 to further optimize the register usage of your application.




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