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I have an Atmel 89C51RE2 device installed in my MCBx51 board. How do I download and debug this device?



For downloading Atmel devices, download and install the FLIP/BatchISP download utility available from Atmel. This download includes the interactive programming utility, FLIP, and the command-line programming utility BatchISP.

After installing the FLIP/BatchISP download file, follow the steps below to download your device:

  1. On the MCBx51 board, set DIP switches 2, 3 and 10 to OFF. All other switches should be ON
  2. Install the EA jumper per Application Note 156 on pins 2-3.
  3. Connect a serial cable from your PC to the INT connector on the MCBx51 board.
  4. Temporarily jumper the PSEN pin to ground.
  5. Apply power to the board.
  6. Disconnect the jumper between the PSEN pin and ground.
  7. Start the FLIP program.
  8. Select your device from the Device menu.
  9. From the Settings menu, select Communications, then RS232.
  10. Set the COM port, and then baud rate to 9600.
  11. Click Connect at this point, and FLIP should connect and display the device type and other information.
  12. Download your application to the device.

You may also download using the BatchISP program from within uVision. In your project, select Project — Options for Target, Utilities, then click the Use External Tool for Flash Programming radio button. In the Command textbox, enter:


and in the Arguments textbox, enter:

-device $D -hardware RS232 -port COM1 -baudrate 9600 -operation MEMORY FLASH LOADBUFFER %H PROGRAM

Then click OK. Now, clicking the uVision Load button downloads your application to the Atmel device.


For debugging on the Atmel 89C51RE2 device using Monitor-51, you must have reserved the interrupt vector for either the on-chip or off-chip UART in your application program. For more information regarding this, see the Editing BLINKY section on the BLINKY Example web page.

To start a debug session:

  1. Move the EA jumper on the MCBx51 board to pins 1-2.
  2. Press the Reset button on the board.
  3. Start the debugger.




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