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Why might RVDS 4.0 fail to install?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


Installation of RVDS 4.0 may fail if the installer uses an old version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  This could occur on a host machine which has other RealView products installed, e.g., earlier versions of RVDS or RealView ICE software.


The RVDS 4.0 installer works with the latest version of JRE (1.6.x or above) and may not complete a successful installation of RVDS with earlier versions of JRE.

Please check that the host machine has the latest version of JRE installed by running the following Java command in a command-line interface: 

java -version

Please ensure that this returns JRE version 1.6.x or above. Additionally, check other related environment variables that may override references to the latest version and point to an old JRE version (PATH, JAVA_HOME, etc.).

Sometimes RVDS 4.0 may fail to install because of references to an older version of JRE used to install previous ARM tools on the same host machine. In such cases, please remove the %ARMROOT%\.armroot\listeners.xml file. With old references removed and the host machine setup with the latest JRE version, the RVDS 4.0 installation should succeed.

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