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Can I monitor/trace PVBus connections?

Applies to: Fast Models


For Fast Models 8.0 onwards

The PVBusLogger component lets you trace PVBus transactions between a PVBus master and a slave and exposes this information via MTI.

What you need to do to trace the transactions:

Instantiate PVBusLogger from the list of components in sgcanvas (the component is located in ${PVLIB_HOME}\LISA\PVBusLogger.lisa).

pvbuslogger : PVBusLogger();

master0.pvbus_m0_ => pvbuslogger.pvbus_s;
pvbuslogger0.pvbus_m => slave0.pvbus;

The GenericTraceExample plugin provided with the MTIPDK will let you display these events:

isim_system --plugin $PVLIB_HOME/examples/MTI/GenericTrace/source/ -C TRACE.GenericTrace.trace-sources=<component_path>.pvbuslogger.*

To find out the name of the sources and their description, you can use the ListTraceSources plugin.
You can then select the trace source that are interesting for you. The less trace sources you register, the faster your simulation will run.

By default, the Cortex-A models includes an internal PVBusLogger on the PVBus master port called ext_bus. This will let you trace cortex-A core reads and writes on the bus without rebuilding the model.

For Fast Models 7.1 and before

One method of tracing/monitoring a PVBus connection is to use a monitor component.

An example monitor component is provided with the Fast Model Portfolio.  This can be found here:


Please note that this monitor does not propagate ACE traffic and therefore should not be used on ACE connections

Note on performance

PVBusLogger (when tracing) and PVBusMonitor breaks the DMI accesses, this will heavily impact simulation performance, so you should consider only doing so for debug purposes.

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