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The register offset addresses do not match up between the TRM and the RTL. Why?

Applies to: Mali-400 MP


You will find the RTL addresses to be different to that of the TRM if you are reading the RTL values from the config.txt file created from the testbench. The register offset addresses are in fact the same as what is quoted in the TRM. However, the
testbench does some address remapping so as to access a homogeneous region of memory.

So the register addresses in config.txt will be different to the register addresses of the RTL
and the TRM. The flow then is config.txt -> remapping - > core.

The mapping for the cores are as follows:

0x0000: GP
0x0100: L2
0x1000: PP #0
0x1001: PP #1
0x1002: PP #2
0x1003: PP #3
0x0200: GP MMU
0x1200: PP #0 MMU
0x1201: PP #1 MMU
0x1202: PP #2 MMU
0x1203: PP #3 MMU

The base address is PADDR[12:0] for PP and PADDR[11:0] for the rest of the cores.

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