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Can I connect my own DDR PHY with ARM PL34X DDR Memory controllers or is it restricted only to ARM Artisan DDR PHY?

Applies to: PL340 AXI SDRAM Controller, PL341 AXI DDRII Dynamic Memory Controller


Yes, you may connect a PL34x Memory Controller to your own DDR PHY provided that your license for the IP grants the appropriate modification rights.

The default license agreement for PL340 and PL341 confers modification rights “provided logical functionality is maintained”.  Modifications to the PAD interface are not considered to change the logical functionality and are therefore permissible.

In addition, planned revisions to the PL340 (r4) and PL341 (r1) will provide DFI compliancy.

The DDR PHY Interface (DFI) specification is an open collaboration to create a common interface between the DDR memory controller logic and the PHY.

So, if your PHY is DFI compliant then you can interface any DDR PHY  with these versions of the memory controllers. 

Hence, our memory controllers are not restricted to ARM Artisan DDR PHY.


Article last edited on: 2009-03-11 10:51:44

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