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What is the relationship between the LOCZRAMA signal, ATCM and BTCM base addresses and TCM_HI_INIT_ADDR configuration option?

Applies to: Cortex-R4


The LOCZRAMA signal determines which of the ATCM or BTCMs are located at 0x00000000 at reset according to:

LOCZRAMA = 0 - BTCM at 0x00000000 at reset
LOCZRAMA = 1 - ATCM at 0x00000000 at reset

The location of the other TCM, at reset, is determined by the value of TCM_HI_INIT_ADDR in the cr4cell_defs.v file. However, once the core is out of reset, the TCMs can be placed anywhere within the 4GB address space by writing to the appropriate ATCM/BTCM Region Register. Please note that TCMs are not allowed to overlap.

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