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I need to run different versions of a particular tool chain in order to develop new projects while still supporting legacy projects. How can I install a second version of a tool chain without disturbing my current installation?


You can install the second instance of the tool chain in a different directory and it will not disturb the current installation.

  1. Install the new tool chain in a different location than your current installation. For example if your current tool chain is installed in the directory C:\Keil, install the new tool chain in C:\Keil_test when prompted.
  2. Delete any ┬ÁVision shortcuts from your desktop. We will add new ones for each tool chain in the next steps.
  3. Go to your C:\Keil\UV3 folder (UV2 or UV4 depending on the IDE version), right click on UV3.exe and select "Send To -> Desktop". This will create a shortcut on your desktop, rename this shortcut to reflect the tool chain version.
  4. Repeat step 3 for the tool chain installed in the C:\Keil_test directory.
  5. License the new installation of the tools. If this computer was already licensed, it will not count against the number of allowed installations.

Now you have 2 isolated tool chains installed. To run the desired tool chain, simply double click the appropriate shortcut.



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