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My old account no longer lets me download ARM Architecture Reference Manuals

Applies to: ARM Architecture and Instruction Sets


I start at and log in. I then follow the documentation link at the top right, select 'arm architecture' and then select the link to the v7 Reference Manual. I'm then taken to another login page (, where my login ID is not recognized.


ARM recently (2009Q3) changed the delivery mechanism for the ARM Architecture Reference Manuals (ARMs), moving it from the area to the new Silver service. This change is designed to improve accessibility of the ARM ARMs, but for existing users there is the small inconvenience of having to re-register their email address in the Silver system. Users registering under the same email address as previously will automatically have the two accounts combined.

In the event of any difficulty accessing the ARM ARMs under the new Silver service, please contact for further assistance, including a full description of the dialog (your inputs and the system's responses).

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