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Where are the built scripts (*.bat and *.sh) for the SystemC example?

Applies to: Fast Models


In releases of the Fast Model prior to 5.1, the SystemC example systems contained a number of build scripts for both Windows and Linux:


The purpose of these scripts were two folder:

  1. Build the EVS by calling simgen
  2. Build SystemC executable by either calling Visual Studio or make depending on OS used

This functionality has been combined together into the Fast Model project (*.sgproj) so that when the project is built (from the canvas or command line) when the EVS is built successfully the tool will invoke the corresponding compiler automatically to build the SystemC executable.

Fast Model project achieves this by making use of the POST_BUILD_EVENT project attribute within the sgproj file, for example:

POST_BUILD_EVENT = "make -C .. -f Makefile"


POST_BUILD_EVENT = "%DEVENV% ..\\Dhrystone2-VC2008.vcproj /build Release

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