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How do I find the Version and Build Numbers for my RVD/RVI tools?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS), RealView ICE and Trace (RVI / RVT)



RVD Version and Build:

  1. Open RealView Debugger.
  2. From the Main menu, navigate to "Help->About".
  3. As a result of the previous step, the "About" window pops up. The first line provides information on the RVD Version and Build, for example RVDEBUG v4.0.2 (Build 15).

RVI Host Software Version:

RVI Host Software is installed in the following installation path as part of the automatic installation:

C:\Program Files\ARM

Navigate to Start->All Programs->ARM->RealView ICE x.y, where x.y is the RVI Host Software version installed on the PC.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not allowed to have more than one version of RVI Host SW installed on the same PC.

RVI Firmware Version and Build:

This information can be obtained by using the RealView ICE Update utility that comes as part of the RealView ICE deliverables.

  1. Navigate to Start->All Programs->ARM->RealView ICE 3.4->RealView ICE Update to open this utility.
  2. From the "RVI Update" window that pops up, select the RVI unit on the right hand side from the list of scanned units and click the "Connect" button.
  3. As a result of the previous step, some information is displayed in the "RVI Update" window. The "Version" field displays the version and build of the firmware flashed on the selected RVI unit, for example 3.4.49 build 49.

Important information. Please read:

Please also see: Which versions of RVD can I use with which versions of RVI?

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