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Does my ARM DSM model work with Questasim?

Applies to: Processor Cores


Each DSM model is compatible with one simulation engine. To try to avoid mismatches, the model manager (MM) performs a check at initialization to ensure that it is being run under the correct simulation engine.

Questasim uses the Modelsim engine, and therefore requires a Modelsim DSM / MM. However, the original releases of Questasim returned the name 'Questasim' rather than 'Modelsim', resulting in the check failing. In later releases, from Questasim 6.2a, Mentor adjusted Questasim to identify the simulation engine as Modelsim.

Therefore the Modelsim DSM model will work in QuestaSim version 6.2a and above.

Article last edited on: 2009-10-13 16:41:33

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