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How do I configure the parameters for an ARM946E-S DSM model instance?

Applies to: ARM946E-S


The ARM946E-S model takes the following parameters (default values as shown):

  ID = 0,
  ICACHE_SIZE = 32768,
  DCACHE_SIZE = 32768,
  BIST_SIX = 1,
  ARM946ES_TimingFile = "./ARM946ES.tdef",

The definitions of the settings (as with all DSM parameters) are intended to be found in the "docs/README_2" file in the DSM release - however, in some ARM946E-S DSM releases, the relevant information is missing from the README_2 file.

The hardware configuration settings are described as follows:

     Memories Configurability 
     Multi Processor Designs

The following features can be configured for the ARM946ES DSM:

1- The device identifier, for multi processor designs.
    Up to 8 ARM946ES DSMs can run concurrently in a single design.

2- The sizes of the memories:
              * ICACHE and DCACHE - Default values : 32 Kbytes.
          Supported sizes : 4K 8K 16K 32K 64K 128K 256K 512K 1M

3- The power mode: Default power mode: high
     0 -> low
    1 -> medium
    2 -> high

4- BIST status: Default BIST_Six
    0 -> BIST_One
    1 -> BIST_Six

Please refer to the Technical Reference Manual and/or the Configuration and Sign-Off Guide (or for 3rd Party DSM users, the ARM licensee who supplied your DSM) for further details of these configurations.

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