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Are RTL descriptions of ARM cores available to universities and research organizations?

Applies to: University Program


Yes.  ARM has announced the availability of the ARM® Cortex™-M0 processor via the ARM DesignStart™ online IP portal.  The special configuration of the processor is designed for universities, start-ups and ad-hoc technology teams looking to teach or prototype with the popular ARM Cortex-M0 processor. Through this online access model ARM will accelerate the proliferation of ARM technology in university curriculums and research projects, while also providing a starting point to evaluate ARM Cortex-M0 processor design and implementation.

The product is available for download as a pre-configured Verilog netlist to approved educational institutions and companies with no initial payment necessary, with an upgrade path to a full ARM Cortex-M0 processor license available when customer products ship at high volumes. Although this special version has limitations in power optimizations and feature configurations relative to the full ARM Cortex-M0 processor, it is fully software compatible and enables designers to create manufacturable designs.

As the processor is a fixed configuration of the standard ARM Cortex-M0, it enjoys the support of compiler tools, RTOS and fabric IP available from ARM and members of the ARM Connected Community™ ecosystem, including the Keil MDK-ARM development tools and RL-ARM RTOS and middleware libraries.

ARM is asking that only faculty members from universities request the materials.

Additionally, a simulation model is available for the ARM926EJ-S that can be used in RTL descriptions of designs. These are available through the University DesignStart Program.

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