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What are the differences between the DMAEND and DMAKILL instructions?

Applies to: PL330 AXI DMA Controller


Given the following code sequence:

DMALD -> some code -> DMAEND

the DMALD will cause DMA-330 to perform an AXI read transfer, and then the DMAEND will flush that loaded data before stopping the channel and then releasing the resource.  Note that execution of DMAEND has the effect of executing a DMARMB and DMAWMB first; there is no need to explicitly insert a DMARMB instruction before the DMAEND.

DMAKILL also causes any FIFO resource to be flushed and released.  The difference is that when DMA-330 executes a DMAKILL instruction, any DMALD or DMAST instructions that have been executed but have not yet issued an AXI access will also be cancelled.

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