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My Cortex-A8 DSM does not produce a tarmac log

Applies to: Cortex-A8


Initial releases of the Cortex-A8 DSMs contained incorrect information about the environment variable settings required for controlling DSM features such as outputting the tarmac disassembly listing log file.

The standard location for DSM setting information is in the "README_2" file in the installed model area, for example:


However, some Cortex-A8 DSM models were released with incorrect information in this file, while the correct information was contained in a file called "README_DSM" which was located at the top level of the directory into which the release tarball was unpacked.

Due to a number of considerations, the unpack area and the install area are often not under the same root directory, therefore the location of the README_DSM may not be immediately apparent to the DSM user. The relevant settings for tarmac and EIS may be similar to the following extract from the README_DSM for the above-mentioned DSM:

  By default the NEON unit is enabled through the defparam NO_NEON=0 and can be
  configured to be disabled through setting NO_NEON=1.
  EIS trace is enabled by using the 'setenv eis_on' variable, TARMAC trace is
  enabled by using the 'setenv tarmac_on' variable, and ECS logs can be obtained
  from this model by using the 'setenv ecs_on' variable. The TARMAC output can
  be displayed on the screen by using the 'setenv tarmac_stdout' variable.

Please check for the presence of a README_DSM file, or try using the environment setting described in this extract.

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