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Warning (LUX6): Unable to find library on host

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What does "WARNING(LUX6): Unable to find library on host mean?"


When connecting to gdbserver you might see warnings about the debugger being unable to find a library on the host, for example:

WARNING(LUX6): Unable to find library on host "/lib/"

This means that the debugger has detected that the application being debugged has loaded a shared library, but the symbols for that shared library are not loaded into the debugger.


If you want to perform source level debugging in a shared library then you must load the relevant debug symbols into the debugger. You can load the symbols using the set solib-search-path command to add search paths to the folder on your host computer containing the shared libraries. For example:

set solib-search-path "C:\myLibraries"

Having set the search path you can then use the sharedlibrary command to load the relevant debug symbols for the shared libraries.

To perform these steps automatically each time you connect, write the commands into a script file, and then use the Run Script option in the debugger launcher panel in Eclipse.

Loading the symbols for libraries that you do not want to debug decreases performance and increases memory consumption in the debugger. If you do not need to perform source level debugging in a shared library, then it is better to ignore this warning, rather than loading the symbols.

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