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Error (CMD16-COR97): Failed to load image ""

Applies to: DS-5


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What does the following error mean?

! Failed to load image ""
! Range 0x00008144..0x000081C3 overlaps with range 0x00008148..0x00008167 currently in map


This means that the debugger tried to load debug symbols from a file and the address of some of those symbols overlaps with symbols that are already loaded. The most likely cause of this is that, within Eclipse, you specified shared library symbols in the Symbol files on host field of the Debug Configuration dialog box. This field is intended for adding symbols files with an offset of 0, which is very unlikely to be correct for shared libraries.


If you want to load the debug symbols for a shared library then you can use the set solib-search-path command in the Command view to add the search path to the folder on your host computer containing the shared libraries. For example:

set solib-search-path "C:\myLibraries"

Having set the search path you can then issue the sharedlibrary command so that the debugger can load the relevant shared library symbols.

To perform these steps automatically each time you connect, write the commands into a script file, and then use the Run Script option in the debugger launcher panel in Eclipse.

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