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Warning (IMG53): image.axf has no source level debug information

Applies to: DS-5


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The message "WARNING (IMG53): image.axf has no source level debug information" occurs when loading debug information from an image or shared library.


This warning is generated when the debugger tries to load debug information from a stripped image or shared library. A stripped file is where the debug information is removed, typically to reduce the file size.

In Eclipse, you can see this warning if you select Files/Target Configuration in the Debug Configurations dialog box and enter the location of a stripped file in the Application on host to download field. The warning is also generated from the command line when using the file command with a stripped file.


To successfully debug an image or shared library at source level you need to load into the debugger an unstripped file. Apart from the debug information, the images and shared libraries that you load into the debugger must contain the same code as the ones you are running on your target.

If you specify a symbol file in the Load symbols from file field then this warning can safely be ignored. The debugger automatically loads symbols from this file after failing to load them from the stripped image.

If you see this warning in other circumstances, you can load debug information by using the file command in the Commands view. For example:

file path_to_image_with_debug_symbols

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