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Why does the connection script fail to run

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The script file specified in the Debug Configuration dialog box fails to run when I connect to my target.


The DS-5 scripting facility enables you to use commands like solib-search-path and sharedlibrary to load the symbols for shared libraries into the debugger. A script file can be specified in the Run -> Debug Configurations dialog box within Eclipse, by selecting Connection script and clicking on either File System... or Workspace. This script is run when the target first halts as specified by the other options in the Run Control panel, not on first connection as the tool-tip describes.


In the Run Control panel, if you select Debug from symbol then you must ensure that this symbol is loaded in the files supplied in the Symbols panel and not from the script file supplied in the Run Control panel.

For symbols that are not loaded in the files supplied in the Symbols panel then you must select Connect in the Run Control panel and add the Continue command to the end of the script.

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