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Out of memory error

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The following error is observed when DS-5 Debugger runs out of heap memory:

Out of memory error. Please report to your local support representatives


This problem is often caused by a lack of memory when running the application. Both DS-5 Debugger and Eclipse IDE are implemented using JavaTM technology and the virtual machine needs to allocate a large contiguous area of virtual address space for the heap. The maximum heap size is set at start-up by configuration files.


Try increasing the maximum Java heap size by editing the following files:

Note that the files are installed as read-only files. You might have to change the access permissions before you can edit them.

Some releases of DS-5 Debugger attempt to allocate a fixed 768MB sized heap. This is indicated by a line containing -Xmx768m. The solution in this case is to change this to a larger value, for example -Xmx1024m for 1024MB, and restart the application. Try to select the highest value that works on your computer.

Other releases specify the heap size as a fraction of the available physical memory size. This is indicated by a line containing -XX:DefaultMaxRAMFraction=1 -XX:+UseParallelGC. In this case it is recommended that you delete both of these options and replace them with the -Xmx syntax as described above, selecting the highest value that works on your computer.

Alternatively you can restrict the quantity of debug information by stripping the images and shared objects that you do not need to debug.

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