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How do I import the DS-5 example projects into Eclipse?

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How do I import the DS-5 example projects into Eclipse?


To import the example project files into Eclipse:

  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. It is recommended that you create a new workspace for the example projects so that they remain separate from your own projects. There are two ways to create a new workspace:
    • When Eclipse launches for the first time, the Workspace Launcher dialog box opens enabling you to select your workspace.
    • If Eclipse is already open, select File -> Switch Workspace -> Other... from the main menu.
    Enter a new workspace location and click Ok.
  3. Select File -> Import... from the main menu. The Import dialog opens.
  4. Expand the General group and select Existing Projects into Workspace.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Select archive file, then click Browse....
  7. In the file open dialog, locate the archive file containing the examples you are interested in, from install_directory/examples/ and click Open. The Projects panel is populated with a list of all the example projects in the selected archive.
  8. Select the projects that you want to import. It is recommended that you import all of the projects, to ensure that all dependencies are met.
  9. Click Finish to import the selected projects into your workspace.

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