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Why do I see warning: 'Unknown EABI object attribute 34' when I link an ELF object generated by RVCT with the GNU linker?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


This type of warning may occur if the version of the GCC linker (GNU ld) you are using does not know how to interpret some of the new-style build attribute tags added in recent versions of RVCT.  This is mentioned in the following article from Codesourcery's website:

(Tag 34 is related to the unaligned data accesses the producer was permitted to make. For more information please see section 2.3.2 'Target-related attributes' from the Addenda to, and Errata in, the ABI for the ARM Architecture.)

Updating to the latest version of GCC should allow you to link successfully.

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