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What is the pinout for the PISMO2, SATA and HSSTP connectors on the LogicTile?

Applies to: V2F-1XV5


The user guide (DUI0449A) for the LogicTile Express 3MG V2F-1XV5 shows the following user expansion connectors:

The user guide does not give the pinout for these connectors, nor does it list which FPGA I/Os they connect to. The circuit schematic for this board is not available to the user. The example .UCF file (User Constraints File) in the related apps note (AN224) does list some of the connector to FPGA connections, but still does not give the developer the complete picture regarding power connections and the like.


The PDF files attached to this Knowledge Article tabulate all of these connector pins and their respective FPGA I/O connections. They also show where other related components (such as resistors or capacitors) are connected and which pins are No Connect or hard-wired to a supply rail.



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