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Why does "armcc -E" preprocessing result in linker undefined symbol error?

Applies to: DS-5, RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


When compiling and linking preprocessed C++ sources, linker errors like below can be generated by the linker:

armcc -E test.cpp > pp_test.cpp
armcc pp_test.cpp

Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol std::vector<int*, std::allocator<int*>>::_C_insert_aux(int**, int*const &) (referred from pp_test.o).

where test.cpp #include a header file. This header file #include some C++ template libraries (STL) such as <vector>. Directly compiling/linking test.cpp does not generate this linker error.

The implication of this linker error is that the "armcc -E" preprocessor expands only explicit #include directives.


The C++ implicit inclusion mechanism relies on the dependency among the C++ header file and other C++ files (files with extensions such as .cxx , .CXX , .C , .cc , .CC , .cpp , and .c). By default, the preprocessing phase of a normal compilation expands all explicit #include header files. In addition, some C++ files such as .cc files would be implicitly added to the end of the translation unit. This mechanism is called implicit inclusion. However, implicit inclusion does not take place when using the "armcc -E" preprocessor. Therefore, if definitions of template entities are defined in a .cc file, "armcc -E" will fail to include such definitions, hence the undefined symbol error when trying to compile the preprocessed source.

A solution to this problem is to use the option --no_implicit_include with -E together when preprocessing the source code. As a result, --no_implicit_include will cause the internal compiler macro __IMPLICIT_INCLUDE to be undefined. Undefining __IMPLICIT_INCLUDE causes _RWSTD_COMPILE_INSTANTIATE to be defined. The required .cc files can then be included to the preprocessed translation unit (see example below). So compiling the preprocessed source can succeed because all required template definitions are in the preprocessed translation unit already.

Example: code snippet in <vector>

#  include <>

As a side effect of adding --no_implicit_include option to the "armcc -E" preprocessing step, user may find the code and data sizes are bigger. This is understandable because the above mechanism can explicitly include some unused .cc files.

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