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Is it possible to map RAM to address 0x0 on the Cortex-M3 MPS RTSM model?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


RVDS includes instruction accurate Real-Time System Models (RTSMs) of ARM development boards.

RVDS 4.1 adds an RTSM model for the Cortex-M3 Microcontroller Prototyping System (MPS) board from ARM. Please see the RVDS 4.1 RTSM User Guide for model details.

The default memory map for the Cortex-M3 MPS model provides 64MB of Flash at address 0x0 and 4MB of SSRAM at address 0x10000000. This is not convenient when debugging an image linked to run from the first 64MB of memory, as this will require you to update the flash each time you make an application change.

It is possible to alias 4MB of SSRAM (from address 0x10000000) to address 0x0 by setting the least significant bit (REMAP) of the SYS_MEMCFG register located at address 0x1F000004. This can be done by using the memory pane or by executing the following command from RVD's Cmd pane:

> ce ((unsigned long *)0x1F000004)[0]=0x1

For information on how to update the MPS model flash please see the following article here.

Article last edited on: 2010-05-26 15:22:06

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