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DS-5 applications fail to run on security enhanced Linux

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Some DS-5 applications may fail to run on Linux when Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is enabled, as is the case by default on Red Hat Enterprise 5 and Fedora 10 systems, for example. When the failure occurs you may see the following error message when trying to run an application:

cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied


This error occurs because some of the shared libraries used by the applications require text relocation, but the SELinux policy on your computer prohibits this.


Change the SELinux policy for your applications and shared libraries to allow text relocation. This can be done by opening a super user account and modifying the execution context for the installation directory with the command:

chcon -R -t texrel_shlib_t installdir

Article last edited on: 2010-07-28 10:22:16

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