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Can DS-5 debug Android?

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Can DS-5 debug Android?


Yes, DS-5 can be used to debug native libraries and applications on Android.

You need to be able to execute gdbserver on the Android device or model and be able to connect to it, for example over Ethernet.

Android is a software stack that includes an operating system, middleware and applications. Android applications are typically written in Java and executed by the Dalvik virtual machine. The Android SDK from Google allows building and debugging Java applications. The Android system includes a set of C/C++ native libraries that are used by Android Java applications. The Android NDK (native development kit) from Google allows additional native libraries to be created.

DS-5 supports debugging of the Android native C/C++ system libraries and applications. The Android SDK is used in parallel with DS-5 for Java level development and debugging.

Eclipse provides an integrated environment where the Android SDK and DS-5 can be used together to debug both Android applications and native libraries.


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