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Warning (LUX47): The image does not match the target

Applies to: DS-5


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The message "WARNING(LUX47): The image does not match the target" occurs when loading the debug information from an image.


When loading debug information from an image the debugger also checks that the image being loaded into the debugger matches the one that is loaded on your target. If the images do not match then this warning is generated. The consequence of ignoring this warning is that source level debug operations such as stepping might not work correctly, breakpoints might be set in the wrong location and examining variables might return the wrong values.

When comparing the two images, the debugger does not compare the entire contents because this can be very slow. Instead the debugger performs just a partial comparison of a few code instructions at the beginning and end of the image. Comparing the instructions at the beginning and end of the image is good enough to detect when instructions have been inserted or removed from the image, but may not catch cases where the instructions in between have changed but the total number of instructions remains the same. The comparison does not involve debug information, so using an unstripped image in the debugger and a stripped image on the target should succeed provided that the stripped image is derived from the unstripped one.


Ensure that the image you are loading into the debugger is identical to the one that is running on your target. It is acceptable for the image on the target to be stripped of debug information provided that it is derived from the same image that you are loading into the debugger.

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