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How do I make the Versatile Express Motherboard V2M-P1 switch on when the 12V power is connected?

Applies to: V2M-P1


By default, to power up the Motherboard Express V2M-P1 the user needs to perform one of the following actions:

Sometimes, it is desired to use the boards in an automated testing environment, where the system is taken out of reset automatically when power is applied. In this Knowledge Article we refer to this as "auto-run" and we discuss how to set up the system to support this feature.


This needs a Motherboard firmware upgrade to version v1.7.5 or later, that supports auto-run. However, please note that we recommend you update to the latest version of the firmware. For information on how to update your system see the How do I upgrade my Versatile Express and start up the system? Knowledge Article. 

In order to set the system to support auto-run, follow the next instructions:

1) Edit the "config.txt" file in the VEMSD root directory and modify the following line to set the "auto-run" feature:

AUTORUN: TRUE                    ;Auto Run from power on

2) Power cycle the board once for any changes to take effect.

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