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Will boards from the older Versatile range work with the new Versatile Express family of boards?

Applies to: Versatile Baseboards, Versatile Core Tiles, Versatile Express Baseboards, Versatile Express CoreTiles, Versatile Express Logic Tiles, Versatile Logic Tiles


In short, no. The header connectors used on each range of boards are totally different, which makes them both mechanically and electrically incompatible.

The Versatile family of boards has "Logic Tile" and "Core Tile" daughterboards that can be fitted to a system motherboard. In the new Versatile Express range, the equivalent boards are known as "LogicTile Express" and "CoreTile Express" (note the lack of a space character between the words "Logic" and "Tile") to show that they are totally different boards, although their functionality is analogous to the Versatile family boards.

Versatile used Samtec QTH/QSH connectors but Versatile Express uses a much larger connector type, set at different spacings. ARM has no plans to product a "gasket" board to adapt Versatile tile boards to for use on the Versatile Express motherboard, or vice-versa. ARM cannot supply mechanical or pinout data for the Versatile Express system in order that 3rd party or custom adapter boards may be built.

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