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Can custom logic in a LogicTile Express board directly drive the peripheral interfaces on the V2M-P1 motherboard?

Applies to: V2M-P1, Versatile Express Logic Tiles


LogicTile Express boards allow the developer to add custom peripheral logic to the Versatile Express development system. In order to test and make use of that custom peripheral logic, some users wish to have those peripheral controllers connect directly to the interface chips and connectors on the V2M-P1 motherboard - effectively bypassing the existing peripheral controllers provided by ARM in the motherboard FPGA.


This functionality is only available for the video output from the system. The V2M-P1 motherboard contains a MUX which can be configured under software control to select a display controller source for the DVI connector on the back panel:

This mechanism and the programmers model are described in the TRM for the V2M-P1 board.

It is NOT possible for custom logic to directly drive any of the other peripheral interfaces on the motherboard, because there is no selector MUX for them. Their control logic is implemented in the motherboard FPGA, which to the user is a fixed design. ARM has not released the schematics nor the FPGA source code that would allow a rebuild of that FPGA to re-route the peripheral interfaces to custom controllers in the LogicTile.

Note that it is in theory possible for a bus master on the LogicTile site to access the peripheral controllers in the motherboard FPGA, via the dedicated SMB2 (Static Memory) bus. Again, this functionality is described in the V2M-P1 TRM. Whether a bus master in the LogicTile can actually do this is governed by the specifics of the motherboard FPGA image.

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