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When I try to set up Vector Catch on ISSM or RTSM models, I get an error message in RVD

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


RVDS v3.1 and later includes both ISSM (Instruction Set Simulation Model) and RTSM (RealTime System Model) models. 

The debugger (RVD) allows you to set breakpoints on any of the exception vector table entries for ARM processor targets. This is normally done using the "Processor Exceptions..." window, selected in the "Debug" menu.

Breakpoints on the vector table entries can be used to trap exceptions at runtime in cases where no suitable exception handler exists in the application.

However, this interface is not supported on ISSM and RTSM models and the following error will be shown in RVD when attempting to use the "Processor Exceptions..." window:

> Error V2801C (Vehicle): 0x021a0104: Invalid combination of conditions specified

Instead, manually place a breakpoint on the desired vector entry using either the GUI or the following CLI (command-line interface) command directly in the "Cmd" pane:

> break 0x10

The example above will place a breakpoint on the data abort exception entry on address 0x00000010. 

(Note that the example above will not work for ARM Cortex-M class processors since the vector table contains addresses, not instructions. Write a dummy exception handler, if no handler exists, and place a breakpoint on the handler entry instead)

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