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How do I configure NAT networking between Fast Models and an external network on Windows?

Applies to: Fast Models


Network Address Translation (NAT) networking is an alternative method to Ethernet bridging of connecting a Fast Model to the network. This may be a more suitable method to use in Windows environments which use FlexLM node-locked licensing , as bridging can cause the MAC address and hence the machine hostid to change.

Note: If you have already configured your environment for bridged-based networking; please uninstall the bridge before continuing. See the bridging documentation for information on how to remove bridging.

Configuring NAT using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

First configure the Windows environment:

  1. Display the network connections configured for the machine by opening Control Panel -> Network Connections
  2. Select the network adapter which is used to connect to the external network. Right click it and select Properties

    Networking Connection Properties dialog

  3. Select the Advanced tab, and enable Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection, selecting the model virtual adapter (ARM0 in this example) as the Home networking connection:

    Network Connection Properties - Advanced tab

Now configure networking inside the model. The exact configuration for this will depend on the Operating System and environment running under the model; however for systems which support DHCP an IP address should be automatically assigned.

Attachments: 1_properties.PNG , 2_advanced.PNG

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