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What Streamline support is available for Android targets?

Applies to: DS-5


ARM Streamline supports the same targets for Android as it does for Linux.

Gator daemon

If you are using Eclipse for DS-5 version 5.13 or earlier:

You must use the Android version of the Gator daemon, located here:


If you are using Eclipse for DS-5 version 5.14 or later:

You must build the Gator daemon using the instructions below:

  1. Move to the directory that contains the gator daemon source: cd .../gator/daemon-src
  2. Enter the following commands to unzip the archive: tar xzf gator-daemon.tar.gz.  Make sure to untar this file in a directory in which you have write privileges.
  3. Issue the following command: mv gator-daemon jni
  4. To build gatord, enter: ndk-build
    • Note

      To build the gator daemon, you must install the Android NDK. For more information on how to do this, visit the Android NDK site, If ndk is installed but it is not on your path, instead issue the following command:
      execute /path/to/ndk/ndk-build
  5. If you did not build the gator daemon on the target, transfer gatord to the target and then move it to the appropriate directory. Which directory is appropriate is dependent on the target.
  6. Make gatord executable by entering the following command: chmod +x gatord

Gator driver

Follow the compilation instructions for the Gator driver found in the Setting up an android target topic.

Are Android NDK libraries supported by Streamline?

Yes. Android NDK libraries are all native libraries, comparable to Linux systems.

Can Streamline profile Android Java applications?

Streamline does not support pure Java profiling. Consult the Google SDK for Java profiling. It can still provide value for profiling Java applications that use native libraries.

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