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How do I check the FPGA build version programmed on my PB development board?

Applies to: PB-A8, PB11MPCore, PBX-A9


Some of the initial ARM baseboards belonging to the Versatile Family (EB, PB926, PB1176) have an LCD on board that shows at power up the FPGA build version programmed on board, however the latest PB boards of the Versatile Family (PB11MPCore, PB-A8, PBX-A9) do not come equipped with an LCD. This Knowledge Article aims to explain how to obtain the FPGA build version programmed on Versatile boards without LCD, but it can also be extended to any Versatile board with LCD.


The FPGA build version can be obtained by using any of the following methods:

1) If there is an LCD on board, the Boot Monitor displays at power up the Boot Monitor Firmware version and the FPGA Build version programmed on board as follows:

F/W: V4.1.7 LE
H/W: B 6

2) Using the Boot Monitor "Configure" submenu, enter the command "DISPLAY HARDWARE":

ARM PB1176JZF-S Boot Monitor
Version:    V4.1.7
Build Date: Feb 19 2009
Tile Site : Tile Not Fitted
Endian:     Little
> configure
FPGA Revision :  B
FPGA Build    :  6


3) Running the "selftest.axf" program from Flash (using the Boot Monitor). The "selftest.axf" image is provided as part of the Versatile Family CD deliverables. The FPGA build version will be printed as follows: 

Flash> run SELFTEST
Realview PB1176 Baseboard Test Suite, Version 3.11, Build date: Jun 24 2010
Copyright (C) ARM Ltd 2005-2010. All rights reserved.
FPGA Build: 6
Summary of results
 1 AACI (Audio)            : Not Run
 2 MMCI (MultiMedia Card)  : Not Run
 3 SCI  (SmartCard)        : Not Run
 4 USB OTG and Host ports  : Not Run
 5 PCI config/mem space    : Not Run
 6 LANI (Ethernet)         : Not Run
 7 CLCD and DVI            : Not Run
 8 SSP  (EEPROM)           : Not Run
 9 UART0/1/2/3 Interface   : Not Run
10 Character LCD           : Not Run
11 LEDs and Switches       : Not Run
12 GPIO Loopback           : Not Run
13 Keyboard (and Loopback) : Not Run
14 Mouse                   : Not Run
15 SDRAM/SRAM Memory       : Not Run
16 RTC and TOY clock       : Not Run
17 IEM (Energy Management) : Not Run
18 Clocks                  : Not Run
19 Run Production Tests

Processor clock reference  : 35 MHz
Select the test you wish to run. (X - Exit)

4) Running the "selftest.axf" image from RAM (using a debugger). Similar to option 3 but loading the image in RAM using a JTAG debugger. The same information will be printed in the debugger console.

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