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How do I obtain the design data for my Versatile boards?

Applies to: Versatile Baseboards, Versatile Core Tiles, Versatile Logic Tiles


The design data (PDF schematics, EDIF netlist, Bill of Materials spreadsheet and gerber files) for the Versatile Family of boards are not provided for download on the ARM website.

The design data for some of the Versatile boards (EB, PB926, CT7TDMI, CT926, CT1136, CT1156, CT1176, CT11MPCore, LT-XC2VLX6000, LT-XC2VLX8000, LT-XC4VLX160, LT-XC4VLX200, LT-XC5VLX330) except for the gerber files, are provided in the Versatile Family CD that ships with the board.

For the latest boards of the Versatile Family (PB1176, PB11MPCore, PB-A8, PBX-A9, CT-R4F), the design data (PDF schematics, EDIF netlist, Bill of Materials spreadsheet and PCB gerber files) are not provided. 

Sufficient information for writing application or driver software for the board should be contained in the user manuals. The Board User Guide and PrimeCell Technical Reference Manuals can be found on the Versatile Family DVD, or can be downloaded from the ARM website: Boards User Guides, PrimeCell TRMs.

Some examples of FPGA reference designs for placing a Logic Tile on the Versatile baseboards can be found as Application Notes in the Versatile Family DVD.

If you need mechanical specifications for the Versatile boards - in order to build a custom daughter board for instance - these can be taken from the IT1 (Interface Tile) PCB data that is provided in the Versatile Family CD. The IT1 board has the same PCB dimensions, mounting holes and HDRX/Y/Z connector heights as the Core Tiles and Logic Tiles belonging to the Versatile Family of boards.

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