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Why can't I see a Profiler/tools directory containing armprocap in my RVDS install?

Applies to: Fast Models, RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


This directory is created dynamically the first time the Profiler is launched. If you intend to use armprocap you must launch the Profiler from Eclipse at least once using the GUI. Steps are included below.

  1. source your RVDS posh file

    # source ./RVDS40env.posh

  2. Ensure you have a valid license file

    # printenv ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE

  3. Start Eclipse

    # ./bin/linux-pentium/ &

  4. Within the Eclipse GUI, from the main menu select:

    File --> Import --> Existing Projects into Workspace
    Browse to <RVDS installation>/RVDS/Examples/4.0/77/unix/dhrystone
    Eclipse should build the project and create a dhrystone.axf

  5. Select dhrystone.axf in Eclipse's Project Explorer

    Right click and select Profile As, Open Profile Dialog
    Click Profile at the bottom of the Launch Configuration dialog
    You should see the model (and then the Dhrystone application) start
    At this point you can simply kill Eclipse

  6. Finally check the contents of <RVDS installation>/Profiler/tools/

    You should see a new directory has been created containing armprocap

[Note: the first 3 steps assume a Linux install, but the process is common for Windows from step 4 onwards].

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Article last edited on: 2011-02-17 15:45:43

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