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Can Streamline and Gator daemon send data over an interface other than Ethernet?

Applies to: DS-5



The Gator daemon supports sending data over any TCP/IP network. Using Ethernet over serial or USB is possible. Please consult online resources for configuring networking over USB or a serial connection. A good rule of thumb for a standard setup is that the Normal sample rate will require ~100kB/s. For slow serial links please use the Low sample rate. Disabling counters and the Call Stack Unwinding option will also reduce the bandwidth requirements.

In addition, a local capture can be performed to store Streamline data to the target's local file system and later transfered to the host for analysis by DS-5 Streamline. Please refer to the Streamline documentation for more details.

JTAG interface

While it's technically possible that a network connection could be established over a JTAG interface, this configuration has been deprecated and it is no longer supported by ARM tools. Also, such configuration is not ideal for Streamline due to the shallow FIFO and interrupt overhead of the ARM DCC communication.

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