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DS-5 debugger fails to connect to PandaBoard over JTAG

Applies to: DS-5


DS-5 reports :

Error: No connection to target. com.arm.debug.dtsl.DTSLException: Failed to connect to the device

when connecting to PandaBoard over JTAG.


The standard X-loader (MLO) binary may prevent a JTAG debug connection to the Panda board.

This problem is caused by the default clock settings configured in x-loader/board/omap4430panda/clock.c. To support JTAG debug bit 8 of CM_DIV_M6_DPLL_CORE register must be set to 0.


Rebuild the MLO executable from the latest sources, making the change described above.

Article last edited on: 2014-04-03 14:32:51

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