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Why is "u-boot" not present in the Versatile Express DVD deliverables?

Applies to: V2M-P1, V2P-CA5, V2P-CA9


ARM has historically supplied and maintained u-boot images for various development platforms. These were available directly as part of the DVD deliverables or via the ARM Website at:

The Versatile Express DVDs v3.0 onwards no longer contain a u-boot image for any of the supported targets. 

Instead, the pre-built Linux images contained in the Versatile Express DVDs v3.0 onwards are now bootable by the Boot Monitor resident in Flash. For further details, please see the "readme" files (readme.txt, readme_fs.txt) located at the following default installation path:

C:\Program Files\Versatile_Express_x_y\software\Linux

or the "Getting Started Guide" which can be found at:

C:\Program Files\Versatile_Express_x_y\sw\info

Please refer to open source forums if you still require u-boot. However, note that we will be unable to assist you with any enquiries regarding its activity.

Article last edited on: 2013-10-23 13:58:09

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