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FAQ How do I customize locales with C macros?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


You can still use C macros in RVCT 3.1 to customize locales, but not in RVCT 4.0 and later versions. Header file <rt_locale.h> is required to define your own locales. In the library guide of RVCT 3.1, detailed information about each locale type is explained. Following is an example how to customize locales with C macros with RVCT 3.1:

#include <rt_locale.h>
#include <locale.h>
#include <stdio.h>

__LC_NUMERIC_DEF(lcnumeric_c, "C", ".", "", "")
__LC_NUMERIC_DEF(lcnumeric_iso8859_1, "ISO8859-1",
".", ",", "\3")
__LC_NUMERIC_DEF(lcnumeric_fr, "fr", ",", ".", "\3")

void const *_get_lc_numeric(void const *null, char const *name)
     return _findlocale(&lcnumeric_c_index, name);

void test_lc_numeric(void)
     double pi = 4*atan(1.);

     char * current_locale = setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, NULL); // Get current locale name
     if(current_locale != NULL)
          printf("current Numeric locale is : %s \n", current_locale);
     printf(" (1/1234567) = %f \n", 2.0/1234567.0+3456.23);
     printf("pi = %g \n",pi);

     current_locale = setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "fr");
     if(current_locale != NULL)
          printf("current Numeric locale is : %s \n", current_locale);
     printf("(1/1234567) = %f \n",1.0/1234567.0+3456.23);
     printf("pi = %g \n",pi);

int main(void)
     return 0;
/*---------end of test.c----------*/

Building with command line:

    armcc test.c -o test.axf

and running test.axf on ARM7TDMI model, you should be able to see the results as following:

current Numeric locale is : C
(1/1234567) = 3456.230002
pi = 1.36005e+09

current Numeric locale is : fr
(1/1234567) = 3456,230001
pi = 1,36005e+09

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