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How do I install the RVI-ME drivers for Versatile Boards in Windows 7?

Applies to: Development Boards


The RVI-ME drivers required to reprogram ARM Versatile Development Boards using the "progcards-usb" utility shipped with the Versatile Family DVD are supported by Windows 98/2000/XP. There has been no issues using the same drivers with Windows 7 (32-bit).

However, Windows 7, unlike Windows XP and previous versions, does not automatically recognize and install the RVI-ME drivers the first time the USB cable is connected between the Development Board and your machine.

NOTE: These drivers are only to be used on 32-bit Windows Operating Systems and they will not work on 64-bit. There are no plans to provide 64-bit drivers for progcards-usb given the End of Maintenance announcement for the Versatile Family of Boards.


To manually install the RVI-ME drivers in Windows 7 (32-bit), follow the next steps:


The immediate work-around to use these drivers on 64-bit machines is to use a Virtual Machine with a 32-bit Windows Operating System.

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