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Why does the connection progress bar get stuck when I launch an RTSM or a FVP model (with Linux) connection?

Applies to: DS-5


DS-5 includes RTSM and FVP models based on the Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 cores.

Two connection types exist for models: Bare-metal and Linux application debug.

The bare-metal connection loads your application into the model's memory for direct execution and debug. The Linux application debug connection launches a model (which has been pre-configured to automatically boot Linux), after which the Linux application is executed and debugged within the OS environment.

There is currently a limitation in DS-5 which prevents more than one instance of the same model to run on the host. If an attempt is made to launch another model instance (e.g. second Cortex-A8 based model), the launcher will stop or the image load can fail.

For Example:

When you launch a Cortex-A8 bare-metal connection an instance of the Cortex-A8 RTSM or FVP model will start. If you close the debug connection the model instance will continue to run until you explicitly close the model (the model is re-used for subsequent model connections).

If you did not close the model from your previous debug session, and you launch a new debug session (also based on Cortex-A8) for Linux application debug the debugger will attempt to re-use the existing model instance. 

However, since the existing model does not have Linux running on it the application debug connection will fail and the connection progress bar will never complete (e.g. it may get stuck at 39%).


The solution is to make sure that previous instances of the RTSM or FVP model is closed before launching another connection. Disconnect from all previous debug sessions first, and then close all running models by clicking on the close icon (top right corner) as shown in the model window below.


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