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Where can I find the Eclipse extension point interface for adding third-party OS support in DS-5 Debugger?

Applies to: DS-5


The required APIs are included in the following Eclipse plug-ins of DS-5.

·         com.arm.debug.osext: Contains core API.

·         com.arm.debug.osext.launch: Contains interface and extension point to contribute tabs to DS-5 Debugger launcher panels.

·         com.arm.debug.osext.source: Contains Java sources for com.arm.debug.osext’s public classes including Javadoc.

The entry point is class OSExtensionPlugin, which has a getSessionManager() method. The session manager holds all debug sessions (class IDebugSession) from which third parties can resolve symbols and read memory.

All the above three plug-ins are included in ‘’ archive of your DS-5 installation. You can find ‘’ in ‘….\DS-5\sw\eclipse\’ location of your DS-5 installation.

If you installed DS-5 Community Edition then you can find the above three plug-ins under ‘...eclipse/plugins’.


Article last edited on: 2012-01-19 17:01:12

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