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What do I do when an ARM Development Board, DSTREAM or RVI/RVT unit stops working or it has been received as DOA (Dead On Arrival)?

Applies to: Development Boards


To return a board to ARM and obtain an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number, you _must_ first complete the Fault Report form that can be found here:

Development Boards Fault Report 

DSTREAM, RVI and RVT Fault Report

ARM cannot accept returns without an RMA number. Please read the notes on completing the form below.

Repair times may vary but a 4 week turnaround is typical. To avoid these delays and the possibility of repairs returned with "no fault found" Support may seek to collect more details to help to diagnose the problem remotely. You can discuss a potential RMA as part of a support case by e-mailing the alias

Filling in the form:

There is no need to complete all fields in the form if any information is unknown/missing, however the following fields are mandatory:

If you cannot provide a good technical description of the fault, an RMA can still be issued but there is a greater risk of the part being returned with no fault found.

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