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What are the '.ngo' files provided in the Versatile and Versatile Express DVD?

Applies to: Versatile Express Logic Tiles, Versatile Logic Tiles


The Versatile / Versatile Express DVD contains Application Notes which are intended to be used as example reference designs. They usually contain RTL source in the form of Verilog (.v) and Native Generic Object netlists (.ngo) files.  

The '.ngo' files provided in the Versatile and Versatile Express DVD specify a module in a Xilinx proprietary file format and are created using a Xilinx IP generator tool. These '.ngo' files (blackboxes) are blocks of licensable IP provided by ARM.  Therefore they cannot be modified unless a relevant license is obtained. Please contact ARM for further details. 

However, for evaluation and prototyping purposes customers may still incorporate these netlists into their custom LogicTile Express design. For more information on the exact terms of use, please see the End User License Agreement (EULA) provided within the Versatile / Versatile Express DVD. 

The Xillinx website describes how to add a lower-level '.ngo' module to your design.

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