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I need to use MDK-ARM on Linux. Is there a Linux version?


A native Linux version is not available. You can run MDK-ARM under WINE with certain limitations.

The following has been tested with:

Build and Project Management Limitations
Be aware that uVision as a Windows application will not be able to handle identical filenames with different cases, e.g.: Hello.c and HELLO.C.
You will be able to build your project with the RVCT installed with MDK-ARM as you are used to in Windows. Please do not move the path of the compiler as this might not work as expected.

Debugging Limitations
Because there is no HID device layer in WINE or an easy way to use Windows Kernel Mode drivers in Linux debug hardware cannot be used.
You will be able to use uVision Simulation. 
The dialog drawing of WINE is slightly different to the original Windows display and so you might see some distorted elements in peripheral dialogs.

Licensing Limitations
Floating Licenses cannot be used because pathes and UNC shares are handled in an incompatible way by WINE. 
Node-Locked Licenses will work on WINE as they do on windows. Anyways it can not be guaranteed that a CID gets calculated the same way if you change the version of WINE (Update for example).

Note: Keil software is only tested on Windows environments and other limitations might exist.



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Article last edited on: 2012-06-22 13:20:03

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